Tin & Alloy Platings

Tin & Alloy Plating for coating any metallic substrate material

Specifications(Military, Federal, and ASTM)


Tin and its alloys are light grey-white deposits ranging from dull to bright appearance. Soft, ductile, and good corrosion resistance; offers excellent solderability. Tin should not be used in low temperature applications; its grain structure changes, and loses adhesion at -40°C.

Type I

  • electrodeposited (plated) coatings of tin

Type II

  • hot dipped tin
  • .0001-.00025 for solderability
  • .0002-.0004" prevent galling & seizing
  • .0003" minimum for corrosion protection
  • .0002-0006" prevent forming case during nitriding

Tin-lead 60/40, 90/10 and 95/5 alloys are electrodeposited for maximum solderability.

  • Unless otherwise specified, .0003-.0005"
  • For flow-brightened finishes, .0003" minimum

Bright Acid Tin - certified to MIL-T-10727c

  • rack plating
  • barrel plating

Tin-Lead Alloy - certified to MIL-P-81728b

  • rack plating
  • barrel plating

Specifications(Military, Federal, and ASTM) : MIL-T-10727C
Industries Served :

  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Telecommunications

Specifications(Military, Federal, and ASTM)

  • Black Oxide Coating: MIL-C-13924c
  • Chemical Finish: MIL-F-495e
  • Copper: MIL-C-14550b
  • Electroless Nickel: MIL-C-26074e
  • Gold: MIL-G-45204c (A: 90khn, B: 91-129, C: 130-200, D: 201+)
  • Nickel: QQ-N-290a (Bright, Sulfamate, Black, Strike)
  • Phosphate: light TT-C490c
  • Phosphate: heavy DOD-16232-f
  • Silver: QQ-S-365d (Type I, Type II, Type III)
  • Tin: MIL-T-10727c (Type I, Type II)
  • Tin-Lead: MIL-P-81728c (90:10%, 60:40%, 10:90%)
  • Zinc: ASTM B633 (Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV)
  • Black Chrome: MIL-C-14538c
  • Cadmium: QQ-P-416e (Type I, Type II, Type III)
  • Chemical Films: MIL-C-5541e
  • Chemical Finish: MIL-495e
  • Chrome: QQ-C-320b (Class 1, Class 2, Class 2a-e)
  • Chromic Anodize: MIL-A-8625e
  • Dow Process: MIL-M-3171c (No. 1, No. 7, No. 9)
  • Hard Anodize: MIL-A-8625e
  • Lubricant (solid film): MIL-L-8937d
  • Passivate: QQ-P-35c (Type II, Type VI, Type VII, Type VIII)
  • Palladium: MIL-P-45209 (100% Pd, 70:30 PdNi, 50:50 PdNi, 30:70 PdNi)
  • Rhodium: MIL-R-46085 (Type I, Type II)
Quality Assurance

Standard Services & Practices

MIL-Q-9858a functions and services provided on request at a fee

Quality Control maintains all measuring & testing devices on formal calibration program according to Mil-Std-45662 with certifiable traceability to N.I.ST.

Customers may request Certificates of Compliance to any published specification or standard; this, at a nominal fee to defray clerical expenses. 

Performance and functionality testing will be performed by independent laboratories at the customer's expense.


  • 500 salt spray test
  • steam-age test
  • humidity testing

Coating Thickness

  • x-ray fluorescence
  • betaray backscatter
  • coulometric
  • microsectioning
  • eddy-current


  • alkaline polysulfife
  • electrolytic gel