About RC Industries

R. C Industries is a company founded on two important principles-consistent quality and dependable service.
Founded in 1978, has become a leader in the industry, with several Fortune 100 companies on its customer lists.
Our facilities include 15,000 square feet of brick industrial building, fully sprinkled and chemical-containment areas, blower induced air makeup system, and a full loading dock.

Technical Support
  • Engineering Prototype and preproduction samples available
  • Quality Control Testing and Evaluation Department
  • Chemical Analysis & Process Control Laboratory
  • Metallographic, X-ray, and beta ray measurements
  • Proprietary product specification development
Quality Control System
  • Policies & Practices referenced to MIL-Q-9858A
  • MS-45662 calibration system NIST
  • Computer Aided Process Engineering System
  • Fully implemented SPC/SQC statistical program
  • Outside Consulting Laboratory & Engineering